Thursday, 8 March 2012

"I dreamed a thousand new paths ... I woke and walked my old one."

Spent the day digging soil and lugging stones around until my back demanded a rest.  Laid about half the path edging so should only take me a couple of days to complete and the weather forecast is fine for the weekend.  Going shopping tomorrow for the stones and plants.  I have bought two cherry trees already and I want a couple of flowering shrubs to add height.  I have planned two trellis screens to obscure parts of the garden along the path and hopefully make it interesting so I will need climbing plants too.  The ground cover is taken care of already ... I have pots of Aquilegia, Aubrieta, Foxgloves, Fushia, Bearded Iris, Lupins, Marigold, Oriental Poppies and Red-hot Pokers.  Not looking much at the moment but give it a couple of years ....  Really looking forward to getting it finished!  So is my back!

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