Sunday, 5 March 2017

Early March

 The purple and yellow crocus look lovely poking their heads through the lawn but I have to remember not to tread on them.  I have been moving pots onto the grass while we pressure wash the paths.  We have never done it before so you can imagine the dramatic colour change when 24 years of grime is removed ... what a difference!  So that's something else I have to avoid treading on with my mud caked wellies!

More and more primulas  are coming into flower and the tete-a-tete daffodils.  The bigger daffs are not far behind now.  Snowdrops are just starting to go over.  We moved into this house 5th March 1993 and I remember thinking how wonderful the Forsythia looked as it bloomed behind the Japanese Quince ... both are a bit later this year.  Next week perhaps.

The Helebores are making up for it...

I divided my seed stash into veg and flowers then divided the flowers into ones to propagate in seed trays, ones for pots and others that can be scattered outside. So the greenhouse is now filled with seedtrays and pots that I hope will be covered with shoots in next to no time. 

Outside is taking a bit longer.  One veg bed still needs emptying of flowers but the back border is covered with compost just waiting for seeds.  Lettuce, cabbage and a few potatoes are already in.  I can't decide where to plant the peas and beans! I have a trellis I could plant them against but it is West facing: I think they would produce more on the South facing fence.  Decisions!!

On my way to visit my mum for her 95th birthday I called into a local garden centre and found two lovely planters reduced from £26 to £9!  Could not believe my luck.  I had to go back outside to get a trolley to transport them to the till and actually got slightly panicked at the thought of someone else grabbing them before I got back!! Here is one with the Tudor Rose on the side.  The other has a lily pattern.  Really pleased with them.

I was even happier when I saw the trays of Bellis and Pansies reduced to 50p. Little wonder this garden centre is so popular!


  1. A worthwhile shopping trip. I've never planted crocuses in the lawn or snowdrops. Does it affect when you can first cut the grass?

    1. Never done it before either but they do look nice. Waiting until the flowers die before mowing then we will have to see if they survive until next year. My friend mows round her snowdrops until the leaves have died and that works but we can't distinguish the crocus leaves from the grass. :)