Sunday, 24 July 2016

Traditional Vardos

We nipped out for lunch yesterday.  The Royal Oak at Car Colston is right next to a large common where cows and sheep are allowed to roam and the village cricket club entertains the punters on sunny match days.  This weekend there were some extra visitors:

Beautiful aren't they?  The paintwork was exquisite!

Their horses .... with lovely plaited manes ... munched away at the grass while the travellors built a wood fire and cooked their dinner.  They were very welcoming and keen to show off their beautiful vardos (posh name for these waggons!).  The detail both inside and out was tremendous.

The villagers were also very welcoming.  The Caravan Club holds regular meetings (normally behind the pub rather than in front of it) so the residents are used to visitors. These vans were something special though.

Fancy one?  Click here.

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  1. They are true travellers. I've always been amazed that they could live in such a small space.