Saturday, 17 August 2013


We have a few changes planned for next week.  I have to dig up the vegetable patch and the soft fruit then dismantle the greenhouse (the cat won't be happy!).  We have a man coming to trim the tall trees and a larger greenhouse being delivered (perhaps she'll stop sulking once she's seen it).  The old greenhouse will move up to the allotment, as will the soft fruit.  Really looking forward to everything being sorted!

I've been making jam this week ... strawberry and raspberry and it won't be long before the plums are ready.  Quite a good crop this year.  The apples are weighing the tree down and there are a few pears on the young tree I planted two years ago.  Loads of lovely puddings and desserts for the future ... or for the freezer! Our eldest son is getting married next April so the diet has started already! 

I left teaching three years ago and discovered the joys of pottering.  I enjoyed my job and have some great memories.  I remember my last Sports Day ... a very warm, sunny day ...  as I passed a Year 8 boy who had just won a 200m race I said, "You look hot."  Quick as a flash he said, "Thank you!"   There's never a dull moment in a secondary school!  As September gets closer I should be all smug smiles but this year I've agreed to go back for a term!  I'm going to miss the lazy days. 



  1. I was a primary teacher and could also write a book! One time when I had to stifle the giggles was when I heard one boy ask another "How big's Uranus?" (old pronunciation).

    Going back though - no thanks! I like my freedom too much nowadays.

  2. You have quite a job to do in the garden, dismantling the greenhouse, which is going to the alotment and a new greenhouse. I understand you go to work again as a teacher for next term, if teaching children is not only your work but also your hobby it will give you much more satisfaction than only spending your time with home and garden.

  3. Looks like you have quite a healthy harvest there! I so enjoyed your story about your teaching adventures. Kids say the funniest things. It sounds like you're happy to go back, at least temporarily. And how exciting to have a wedding to plan!

  4. Good luck with the re-organizing and the greenhouse move. Excellent looking Plums. They make my single solitary 1 look lonely.

  5. School starts back for me on Monday but the kids won't be back til early Sept so we have time to prepare. I once had a kid try to glue me to my seat. Your roses are incredible and I love those coneflowers against the variegated foliage. :o)