Wednesday, 31 July 2013

End of Month - July 2013

I spent the morning in the greenhouse because it's chucking it down outside.  Delphinium and hollyhock seedlings are potted on and the rose and carnation cuttings are cosy in their plastic bags.

Yesterday I collected seeds from poppies, violas, lupins and white foxgloves.  The wallflower pods are almost ready but Garden News gave me a free packet of those seeds anyway.  I have recently subscribed to Garden News as they are offering 52 weekly magazines for £52 ... a real bargain as they give away a free packet of seeds worth more than £1 every week, it's full of interesting articles on everything from flowers to vegetables and they always have loads of offers.  I get BBC Gardeners' World Magazine too (another offer ... 5 magazines for £5) but it's Garden News I look forward to receiving.

I found a place for my fossil paving slab ... a plain concrete slab used to be there so this one looks much better.  I went back to the stone merchant and bought another two large ones to improve this whole area and got a deal on ten remaining small ones (£30 instead of over £60).  I haven't used them yet but they will feature in my plans for the front garden when I get round to it!

Golden Rod is attracting the bees but I need to carry out some crowd control if it spreads any more.
Here are some more blooms to lift my spirts on this wet morning:

This nasturtium very kindly self seeded and is now creeping along the bottom of a border adding lots of lovely drops of colour.

Thanks to The Patient Gardener for hosting the End of Month meme.


  1. Plenty of colour there to brighten up a wet day! My foxgloves are behind yours, not yet ready to spill seed, and I think I will be lazy and pop a seed tray under them. I must be more proactive about the poppies though, so thank you for the reminder! Good luck taming your goldenrod.

  2. The paving slab looks great, and all your plants seem to be thriving fabulously! That Gaillardia photo is excellent. I've always liked them.

  3. The golden rod reminds me of childhood and walking across a field to my grandparents house. Golden rod had seeded all over the field.

  4. Such a beautiful carnation! The golden rod is about a nuisance in my garden, they spread everywhere and always get mildew, but on the other side very nice to make arrangements with other flowers like Gaillardia and Crocosmias.