Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Seed Dreams and Schemes

What's the difference between planning a garden and day dreaming?  I can spend hours browsing through pictures of beautiful borders then looking at my patch and imagining the potential!  I can decide that shrub has to go; that colour combination would work there and that climber would smell divine next to that gate!  So what's the difference?  Hard Work!

I have forgotten where I read it but apparently it takes 15 years to create a garden.  It needs planning and time to grow then time to dig up the bits you don't like and re organise then grow it again.  Well this year I made a start.  I organised the paths at the back of the garden so I can get to the greenhouse ,,, I now want to move the greenhouse!  I planted two cherry trees but one of them is now where I plan to develop a vegetable patch.  I think fifteen years is an understatement!

This year I intend to put some THOUGHT into the planning ... I need to decide what I want from the garden.  Do I see it as just a flowery place round the house; can I improve it for the wildlife; how do we actually use the space; is the shed in the right place....? Once I have got my head round why we have a garden then I might stand a chance of planning one that won't need to be reorganised every year!

In the mean time I will continue to dream about flowery borders and colour combinations by browsing the seed catalogues from the the comfort of my armchair ... it's much too cold and wet to go outside!

Here's a few links you might find helpful if you want to join my Seed Dream Team:

Now does anyone know a friendly bank manager ...?!


  1. I love browsing through seed catalogues at this time of year and I always order too many packets. My eyes are certainly bigger than my garden and indeed my purse (haha).
    Wish you much pleasure with choosing!

  2. The last line was hilarious :-)...all of us gardeners really need a friendly bank manager who would actually give us money and not charge any interest rate :-). Very Nice blog.

  3. Great post - you've inspired me to plan more in the garden this year. And it's a great excuse to browse seed catalogues and buy even more seed!

  4. Compared to my garden (back of the house) yours looks brilliant. I was hoping to re- design mine in 2013 but its been put off for another 12 months. I'm better at planning for the allotments than the garden. Thought I would mention the following seed supplier, their prices and quantities are very good.

  5. If your allotment site is in the NSALG you should be able to get Kings seeds a hugely discounted prices. Membership is only £2 a person. We haven't an association but a group of us joined as a group - there had to be 10 of us or more. We soon get out £2 back from the discounted seeds. You can join as an individual but that is £40 for individual membership.

    1. Thank you for this. I have just received the Suffolk Herbs catalogue (same company as Kings - I think!?) and I'm really impressed - didn't know about discounts though. Cheers.